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Welcome to Tamil Prayers

@ Winnipeg Hindu Temple
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Tamil Hindu Group (THG)

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Mission The mission of Tamil Hindu Group is to: identify, plan and execute Karthik and Tamil festival activities of the Temple; preserve traditional values of Karthik devotion, Tamil Hindu Festivals and promote mutual respect and understanding of different values, traditions and beliefs of diversified Tamil community. We will accomplish this by aligning our goals with HSM's mandate, recognizing the Temple facilities support co-existence of many different Hindu traditions and practice.

Puja Schedule





Sunday November 3rd, 2019   

5.30pm to  6.00pm     P

6.00pm tp 6.45pm        Abisekam , Alankaram,Bajan, Thirupukal.       

6.45pm to  7.45pm       Ganesha puja followed by
 Kalasha puja.Wedding ceremony Unjal (swing)songs.

7.45pm to  8.30pm       Procession of big moorthy followed  by Maha Arrathi. 

8.30pm to  9.00pm       Offering of flowers followed by Arrathi by ladies who elect to do so.

9.00pm to  9.30pm       Prasadam will be served in the basemen.

Host THG.

Minimum commitment to be a host:

$51 to purchse the Thail as its resold every year to the host. Host may make arrangements with THG to take responsibilities for other activities including prasadam but not necessary to be the host as THG will take responsibilities for other activities.

Following the due process hosts are assigned.

To read Dr.R.Venkataraman's article about Thirukalyanam click 
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All dates and times are subject to change based on the availability of facilities and Priest, emergencies and approval of HSM.

All changes will be notified in time.

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