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Signed Code of Conduct for Committee Members

Generally Accepted Code of Conduct for Tamil Hindu Group Committee Members:

We the committee members must be always aware that every decision we make and everything we do can impact the reputation of Tamil Hindu Group and Temple.

Our conduct should be guided by our personal integrity. We hold ourselves to the highest standard of integrity and ethical behavior.

We will only promise what we can reasonably deliver and do our best to meet our commitment.

We will ensure all our commitments and goals are clearly communicated to the committee and work off the approved list of action items.

We must not engage in activities that create, or even appear to create, conflict between our personal interests and the interests of the Tamil Hindu Group and Temple.

We will not engage in activities that similar to Tamil Hindu Group activities with other group or individually to undermine the activities of Tamil Hindu Group.

We will strife to be truthful and not mislead any of the people we serve.

We value the differences among the individuals and welcome diversity within our community and show compassion by treating all devotees equally in all aspects of our activities.

We treat one another with the respect, trust and dignity we ourselves expect.

We will create policies and processes that will best reflect the need of the temple operations and unity of the Tamil Hindu Group and responsible for its integrity.

The integrity of communications: There should be open and honest sharing of Tamil Hindu Group activities and Temple operations information via regular mails/emails and Temple website posting. Any unsolicited emails/correspondence that can have any impact on the Temple operations and Tamil Hindu Group activities should be discussed in the committee with prior knowledge.

We will not use the Temple facility or Tamil Hindu Group activities for personal gains. In the event of a personal conflict, we withdraw ourselves from the decision making.

We will take an active interest in Tamil Hindu Group activities and do the best we can to be the champions for the cause we elect to serve. We participate in as many Tamil Hindu Group activities as possible including attending Committee meetings and Temple Programs. We stay involved to understand the sentiments of the Devotees and best represent the Community.

We as a committee members have the responsibility to attend to any circumstances or actions that violate, or appear to violate, the principles of code of conduct at our meeting upfront.


Objectives 2007-2008
Signed Code of Conduct for Committee Members




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