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Host of the Karthikai Abesekam are responsible for the following


Milk                 gives        long life  

Ghee                 gives        Moksha state  

Curd                 gives        good children  

Honey                gives        melodious voice  

Rice powder          frees        from debts  

Sugar cane juice     gives        good health  

Panjamrutham         gives        wealth  

Lemon                removes      fear of death  

Sugar                removes      enmity  

Tender coconut       gives        enjoyment  

Cooked Rice(Annam)   gives        mejestic life  

Sandal               gives        Lakshmi's grace  

Karthikai Abesekam Essentials:

  1. One coconut with muddy for kumbam

    2. At least 9 beetle leaves for
    Kaalachi and kumbam
    if mango leaves are available at least 3.

    3. One coconut to break and use it for kaalanchi.

    One banana leave thalai vaali illai.for kumbam if available
    otherwise we may use a silver plate.

    4. Little bit of rice for kumbam.

    5. Manchal power, santhana, powder, vipoothi, kumkumum.

    6. 4liter milk for abesekam,

    7. Yourgut 2liter (gelatin free) for abesekam.

    8. Rose water bottle.

    9. Panchaamirtham

    10. Panchakavum(milk, yourgut, honey, gee, jiggery mix).

    11. Young coconut water 1 fresh and a can.

    12. One fruit plate.

    13. Flower petals for pooja.

    14. Pprasatham (milk rice)

       15. One new large towel and one small towel to clean  Moorthies

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